Bingopoly at Tidy Bingo

Added 2015-02-16 08:26:02

Monopoly is the staple board game for many and we don’t think there can be anyone who hasn’t played. It’s a hugely popular property trading game, but at Tidy Bingo they’ve put a bingo twist on the game with the launch of Bingopoly! Playing in the standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm.

Instead of collecting properties, you’ll be collecting games and features from around the Tidy Bingo website as you play in the Tidy Cupboard. Each of the 90 numbers has been allocated points linked to ‘properties’ from around the site and as bingo is called each game, it’ll be decided where on the board you land. Just like the traditional board game you can collect sets for more points, increasing your chances to win Bingopoly!

At the end of each session there’s a top prize of 20,000 loyalty points, and a 10,000 loyalty point second place prize too, but there are also many random prizes to be won throughout the evening too if you land on the right numbers of course!

If you want to head in and play it’s best to familiarise yourself with the numbers and see exactly what you can win. You’ll gain and lose points as you play so you can never bank on being in the lead, but it’s great fun shouting on the other roomies and competing for the points, and the prize! For all the numbers to land on, make sure you watch out for those Bingopoly ‘Skint’ squares because if you land on one your score will reset to zero and you’ll have to start again!

We know that players love chat games and tourneys, it’s a great way to get involved in the bingo rooms, get to know other players and chat along, but none are quite so interactive as Bingopoly and we think it’ll be hugely popular!