bingosites that are networked

Added 2010-01-30 08:13:03

i dont no how u feel but it drives me nuts, u get an email asking u 2 sign upto this new site with some fab deposit offer, u think brill i will give it a go, fill in the registration form only to find that when u hit submit it says sorry u cant join here as your a member of one or more of our sister sites, why didnt they tell u that in the email they sent advertising the site, cos they know who u are by your email from when u joined said sister site, this is one of the biggest bug bears for me ahhhhh, and why on earth do they keep bringing out (new) sites which arent new at all just another skin of a network of sites already going, by skin i mean ignoring the sign in page once your onto the bingorooms all the sites lead to the same bingorooms, example ie; gracesbingo=kissmybingo=bingobroadway=3ambingo u get my point there different named sites but there all the same site, what on earths the point, if they think there being clever by confusing us players then they had better think again, because as we all know each new site as they call it allows us to get the first time deposit again on a site we already use, some may wonder isnt that breaking the rules having more than one account at a site, simply no u may have more than one account but u registered on different sites, i think the best way to describe this is a loophole, so come on guys let us know how u feel about this.