Biorhythms and Online Bingo

Added 2010-05-18 17:24:30

Have you ever wondered why you are luckier some days than others, or why you feel great some days and not others?

Well .. when we are born we enter an ever moving cycle of biorhythms, they are waves which go up and down and at certain times in our lives the three main ones (physical, emotional and intellectual) will cross and make that particular day either a really good one or a really bad one. For example (it has been reported) that Sebastian Coe broke the world record on a day when his biorhythms all peaked at an optimum level and poor Marilyn Monroe passed away on a day when all her biorhythms troughed at  a critical low.

Now I'm reading that allegedly there are other biorhythms which relate to good fortune. Apparently you can plot your chart and see when your luckiest days will be - could be useful with online bingo!

I'm going to plot my own chart and try it out ..... the only problem IS that the best days seem to come around once every 7 years or something .... which is an AWFUL long time to wait for that big win :-(

I'll keep y'all in the loop and let you know if I had good luck on the days my waves said I would :-)