Birthday Blowout at Tidy Bingo

Added 2014-07-28 08:21:46

For those of you who play at Tidy Bingo you will be well aware that it will soon be turning one and wants to invite you all to its big Birthday Blowout to celebrate. During this one day event you can get your hands on some awesome prizes and share the excitement with all the other players and the owners of the site. Don’t forget the party hats! Read more on Tidy Bingo today.

The birthday party will be taking place in the Tidy Cupboard on 19th August, even though Tidy turns one on the 21st, Nickie and David couldn’t wait that long to celebrate with all of the Tidyers that have helped make their site possible (that and the standalone room is only open once a week). They really want to thank all of you and that is why there will be an abundance of chat games and a massive guaranteed jackpot of £150.

As some experienced Tidy Bingo players will know, the Tidy Cupboard opens from 7pm and that is when all the fun will start with the first chat game, the well-known party favourite, Pin The Tail On The Donkey. This game gives you the chance of getting your hands on 1,000 loyalty points and all you have to do is choose two numbers on the board and when they are called type in the chat room “Pin the tail on the donkey”.

Now this is only the first of many chat games that you can play and you can find more details on the Tidy site but for now, let’s talk about the big money game. the guaranteed jackpot of £150. This game will be played at 10pm and the jackpot will be split as follows:

One Line: £25Two Lines: £50Full House: £75

With all those prizes up for grabs, make sure you get to the Tidy Cupboard on 19th August why not pop along and see what you can get your hands on at the Birthday Blowout at Tidy Bingo. Check out this cool online bingo site out today.