Birthday gifts from online bingo sites

Added 2011-08-30 11:19:42

I had a birthday last week . I am a member of lots of sites and they all gave £5 bonus to play with. OhMyBingo gave me a well appreciated pile of thousands of points. The one that boasts on telly  :we are the top bingo site Jackpot Joy Bingo gave the best , £1! HA HA HA. How do others  feel about this?

I know that OhMyBingo would never be that mean  needless to say i have not played on that site since and will not being recomending friends to join either even though i could get £10 for recommending them. It makes one wonder what they pay Barbara Windsor for doing the advert. The only problem i now am concerned about wth this site is you cannot buy gold tokens anymore . I wonder why that policy has changed. Can someone please explain as i never seem to win this lovely game when gold coins are in the prizes. As a thought could perhaps some sort of slot machine could be set up with a bonus feature game like the cash ones have but give bonus winnings when you join with perhaps a win gold feature so if you don't want to always play bingo for a change we could use our points to purchase credits to play.