Birthday party at online bingo site Love Your Bingo

Added 2010-11-16 11:26:42

Hi guys played last night at the birthday party of  love your bingo

There was the usual five draws for £5 and five draws for £10 which i had no luck with.

Also they had five prize games tickets were 20p which i though were a bit greedy of them since it was there party i would have thought they would have been free or just a few pence, as the prize of one line was only £1 and the same for two llines and the full house, but the full house winner did win one of the prizes which were if i can remember them all a radio, a docking station for an ipod, a digital photo frame, a mp3 player and lol cant remember the 5 th one.

Since tickets were 20p each i am sure that the money taken for tickets more than covered the cost of buying the prizes, which i think was a bit mean of them, the site was not exactly giving away anything for free to there players that have spent their money all year.

I deposit £10 had a couple of small wins, will save what i have left in my account for there no win money back game on a Friday.