Bits of Lucky at Rollover Bingo

Added 2011-07-01 18:45:44

hi all thought i'd let you in on my luck i've had in bits and pieces, first of all one day i logged into my rollover bingo account and found 16,000 lps don't in the world know where they came from but i didn't complain and reversed out of that i gained £50 and withdrew £30 and i recieved 6 lotto lines for the upcoming saturday.  saturday came and i wrote my numbers on paper so i could sit in front of the tv and i was gobsmacked that i matched 4 balls, so a few days later i had 61,000 lps to redeem at rollover bingo :) i managed to withdraw £50 from that so i was happy, i did recieve 31 lines for wednesday but didnt win anything but im so glad that from free points i withdrew £80 within a few days of each other.

i play on heart, jackpot joy and sun bingo to and every day i play the free games i.e stars of tiki temple, doubly bubbly etc. about a week ago i won 5 free spins on tiki but when i played them i only got 16p i gave my usual sigh but when i played the 16p i got the bonus and managed to win £5 odd i played on other slots with it and by the end i withdrew £100.

i love winning alittle something from nothing!! gl to all who play on them sites, goes to show you 16p can go along way!! ;) xxx