Blackpool Here we Come lol

Added 2012-05-02 10:58:26

hiya all blonde dizzy 1 again lol, but this time I got my serious head on not the dizzy 1 lol

Now as all of yous who went to our very first omb meet will know what a fantastic time we all had and i know this year is going to be even more amazing than last year ......i just cannot wait to meet you all again was fantastic putting faces to names and making more friends so i hope that everyone who can be there this year will be and believe me you will have such a great time you will certainly not want to miss next years lol

now last year with the help of our very own rosienanny who not only has a heart of gold but is the nicest person anyone could ever wish to meet she is as fab in person as she is in chatroom we organised a raffle for macmillian nurses well this year me and rosie are doing it again ........i must also thank our very own fab roomie cagsywagsy for all her help last year too as with me just out of hozzi i wasnt able to do lts but i was determined to be there to meet you all lol

if any of you would like to bring any raffle prizes with you it will be very much appreciated and me and rosie are working hard getting lots of prizes too 

we have chosen macmillan nurses again because it is a fantastic charity who not only give their time and help to the ill but to their families and friends too any illness is awful terminal or not but cancer touches all our lives in some way be it friends family or even those close to us or ourselves and these nurses work around the clock giving help both practical and emotional to all .....they really do deserve lots of recognition for what they do 

after speaking with our very generous boss ohmybingo are going to match what we collect on the raffle which is fantasic or in the words of our boss AMAZING lol so please on the day dig deep and lets top last years total for such a great charity who really do help people live and cope with illness be it medical or just emotional 

thank so much for reading this and i really am looking forward to meeting you all and dont worry if you are coming alone because you wont feel alone being part of OMB is like all our extended family and we care and look out for each other .....why .....because we are friends with a great people who all have big hearts.