Blackpool here we come

Added 2011-08-31 15:36:38

There's a lot of chat about Blackpool and I really can not wait

I am travelling there with Cagsy cos she's my bestest mate

I am looking forward to meeting

My roomies from Ticketyboo

I hope that you can make it Ben has planned lots of things to do

A big thank you goes to Heidi for planning this first meet

I dont know who she planned it with but the idea is so neat

Thank you to Ben for arranging our lunches and our tea

And if you need a caller for the online bingo just don't forget there's me

I can't wait to start my packing,train ticket booking made

I will bring a towel for paddling and of course my bucket and spade

I love all my roomies enjoying myself wont be hard

Oh just a reminder for our young looking Shin (don't forget your I.D. card)

Now thinking of the roomies when we are off having fun

Please please please Oh My Bingo can something good be done

Like maybe another gold hour or at least a gold or two

Because while we are playing in Blackpool 

Please please think of the roomies keeping our seats warm in Ticketyboo