Blackpool Meet Up July 2012

Added 2012-07-09 10:16:21

Hi all shininson here again and im sure this news will not bore you all because this years OhMyBingo's meet up in Blackpool was absolutly amazingggggg even if i say so myself, fun was had by all that participated and anyone that didnt enjoy it must be wrong in the head :o) 

Well, i dont know where to start really but i shall run you through my totally fun filled eventful weekend and let you be the judge yourselves. As crazy as it sounds i was packed a good week in advance of this meet up, i had my new dancing shoes even though i didnt dance and new clothes and clobber to match so i atleast looked smart enough to be in the big and posh Big Blue Hotel, which by the way was really cool even for a chav such as myself hehe

It all started on the friday night meeting up with CM-Heidi at the train station, which was suppose to pull in at 11.35 but had been delayed i swear the weather was terrible in the station as i waited as the train didnt arrive til 12.15 but as i got there early to buy my tickets it was actually pretty good, i had a coffee in my hand, a bag on my shoulder and a cigarette in my other hand when i wasnt ringing Heidi to find out impatiently where her train had got too, to be honest i think she must of got the wrong train to Manchester or something, somewhere in the opposite direction but eventually her train pulled in and off we went on our way to Preston where we had 4 minutes litterally to get from platform 4 and dash to platform 1 at the other side of the station to carry on to Blackpool, god bless Heidis little legs for having to keep up a sprint in her 34 inch heels, which is no easy job, as i know from the previous meet where i struggled to stay vertical wearing only 4inch heels and that was while standing! Anyway on the train we got and finally made it to sunny Blackpool where to be honest the weather hadnt changed, i have no clue why they called it 'sunny Blackpool' because it certainly wasnt when we arrived.

We obviously checked into our rooms, as friends may i add, and then went off to spend the afternoon wandering arround Blackpool. We found ourselves in an arcade playing pool which i won and feel slightly guilty about as i have abit of a height advantage over her as she cant reach over the table to see which ball she is hitting so i apologise now for it. We both met up with davep which by now had arrived and had decided to go eat some food, and no sooner than we had ate CM-Ikkle had arrived and thats when we decided to meet her and go for a so called quick drink little did i know how much and how quick she could actually 'drenk!' As id met her previously i thought i knew but somehow she seemed to consume even more than i could remember, maybe its true the Scotish are big drinkers but we have our very own Ikkle drinker hahaha :o)

As the night went by CM-Trix joined and so did joannewoo just in time for the nights entertainment, CM-Ikkle and CM-Heidi litterally reaching new heights (sorry about the punn shortys haha) as they decided to take on the giant swing ride on the pier outside of Blackpools family bar on the south pier. These 2 may not be very tall but believe me, they sourred above the rest of us that night! We all had such a laaugh and a good time, and by now was quite tipsy we had started tomake our own way back to our own hotels and rooms in preparation for the following days events, Meeting the rest of OhMyBingo's nuttas and also trying to sober up enough to be able to go shooting in the morning, so now at our hotels we lay counting sheep and behaved to the best of our ability (pssst Ikkle... i wont mention what you got upto hehehe)

Waking up the following day we had breakfast and got ready for everyone turning up, from Charlie, Swifty, Cagsywagsy, Astralady, Rosienanny, Keira, Jantrac, Shel, Jaseyboi, Pussy-galore, obviously the already mentioned Joannewoo, Davep, me, CM-Heidi, CM-Ikkle, CM-Trix and not forgetting the people who made this happen, the not so big-bad-boss Ben and Chet(i apologise for missing anyone out and also thier partners too). Ben and Chet made everyone welcome by greeting them in the reception and issuing free 1 of a kind OhMyBingo tshirts and special name badges so people could put names to faces.

Once we had all arrived we headed off to the waiting coach, and went clay pigeon shooting (thankfully no-one got hurt) After we had been split into small groups/teams of 4 or 5 we had a practice round to get to know our weapons and instructors, which entailed 5 shots each at 3 different types of moving target followed by a little BRB cuppa break before finally returning to the field to retrace our steps and this time compete, the winning team with the highest average score was to win a share of mega OMPs (too many to remember lol) Im not quite sure of everyone who was on the winning team but im sure that Ben/Chet will post a news soon to confirm this, but i have got to say our secret asassin had to have been John (Charlies husband) with a record 15 out of 15 hits! well done :o) PS, Ben i cant believe that you let these nuttas loose with a riffle but it all went well and plenty of clay targets actually got hit, truelly an amazing experience!

After heading back to the Hotel to get changed and ready for the night do, we went to the Farmers Arms where we had such things as free prize bingo, a free buffet, and even a free photobooth which got everyone into a drinking mood where the fun wasnt over because a free bar had been put up for us all. Which i think deserves a huge thank you from all at OhMyBingo for a truelly entertaining weekend :o)

Also a big thanks to everyone that brought prizes for the raffle, Rosienanny and Keira for volunteering to round up the prizes and tickets, which we all raised money for the charity Macmillan and thanks to everyone who donated or took part in :o)

Not forgetting Jaseyboi's speech, CM-Heidi and Cagsywagsy for bringing, making and blowing up the many balloons which we all let off outside the very pub some of us was lucky enough to meet her in last year, in memory of our close friend known by many at OhMyBingo, Cat44joe or Donna, Rest in peace kidda. Whether you met Donna or not she was always kind and chatty to all that entered our chatroom and was no different in person if not more so, a well deserved rememberence im sure, and it shows just how much we as an online bingo community actually do care about each other is great to see and hope this continues into the future.