Blackpool OhMyBingo Meet Up

Added 2011-08-13 19:04:52

Hi peeps as some of you already know i have arranged a mini meet in blackpool on the 8th october for all who want to go, everyone is welcome, i am aware ben is also in the process of arranging an OhMyBingo meet up but wasnt sure when so i thought a mini meet up before then would be good and a chance for a few of us to get to know each other first.

The meet up is on the 8th of october and some people are having an overnight stay but if you want to just come for the day that would be great too, If you can make it and plan to have an overnight stay i would suggest booking your b+b/hotel in advance as blackpool can become very booked up its also an advantage to do this as you can get them at a cheaper rate online also if you plan to go to the pleasure beach its a good idea to get your wristbands online as they too are at a cheaper rate and you can also get offers ie 2 for 1 on wristbands if anyone needs the sites where you can get these offers just ask me and i will get them to you.

I am aware most peeps will want to do their own thing during the day as some may go on the pleasure beach and others may stay on the pier so i thought this would be ok and we could set a time in the evening to all meet up for an omb drink lol as i know most peeps like their alcohol, mentioning no names ha ha :)

Ok i think ive mentioned everything hope you can all make it should be fun but for those who cant hopefully we will get a chance to meet at bens meet up i look forward to meeting you all you are a great bunch xx