Blue Moon Bingo I always love playing

Added 2010-12-13 19:17:03

Blue Moon, why do you treat me so bad?

With all the dosh you have had

from me long ago.

I only ask for some wins,

amongst many other things,

as often as others may know.

I rarely see my name in your lights,

so take pity on my plight,

'cos at the moment I am broke

and cannot deposit some dough.

Blue Moon, I dont think I am asking too much

so could you please place your touch

on my free cards sometime

then maybe I will win

a line or two now and then!

Blue Moon Bingo, I see many duplicate names,

pop up on my screen

where my name should have been

Blue Moon at this festive time of year

could you make my name appear

so I can have a little flutter and

make someone else tutter

'cos my name keeps appearing

and then my bank manager will be so happy

please make me a win very snappy, and I can buy a new lappy

'cos this one has had it!!!!

Blue Moon, I always love playing,

on your site and I'm praying,

that you will read this song and

dig deeper in your pockets and feel empathetic

on poor little me and give me a wonderful


Thankyou, please make all donations to mickann123's Moon Bingo account!!  Mwahhhhhhhh xxxxx