Bobs Giving Away Thousands of Pounds of Free Tickets

Added 2014-07-07 07:50:43

Float away on a cloud with Bob’s bingo this month in his fantastic new promotion. Fly high in the  Balloon Race game to win £2000 worth of free bingo tickets. You’ll be over the moon in your high flying balloon when you’re smart and savvy enough to come join Bob the ride of a lifetime. Read more on Bobs Bingo.

It’s quite simple, your winning bingo number multiplied by your last deposit amount equals your balloon number. All you have to do is let to the support team know your balloon number and you’re all set! The more you deposit the higher your number is likely to be, and the top six balloons every week win a skies-the-limit prize. The balloon with the highest number will win an incredible £5000 in free bingo tickets. If your balloon comes second, you’ll receive £2500 worth, and third place nets a cool 1k in free tickets.

Even if you’re not in the top three, the next 3 places each receive £500 of free tickets …… that’s not to be sneezed at so get your head out of the clouds and go play with Bob…. Because no one does bingo like Bob does.

Bob is a friendly kind of guy and is keen to spread the love. When you introduce your friends to Bob, once the make a deposit you’ll receive £10 Amazon voucher absolutely free.

Fly away with Bob right now and take advantage of his exclusive signup bonus. Get £15 to play with just for signing up!

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Written by Joanna Davis