Bonanza Is Back And Booming

Added 2012-03-05 14:10:42

hiya all, 1st off i'd like to thank everyone for the exceptionally warm welcome back and believe me im so happy to be back missed ya all and bonanza so much even woke hubby up shouting bonanza in my sleep lol

well what a fun filled week we had on bonanza and our very big not so bad boss gave me double coins to celebrate return of bonanza so the bit you all been waiting for the results

in 1st place winning 2 gold coins each are 

the1 and joannewoo ........wd to you both xxxxx

in 2nd place and winning 15 silver coins each are 

cagsywagsy and rosienanny ............wd to you both xxxxxxxxx

in 3rd place and winning 50 bronze coins each are 

charlie and tickleikkle ............wd to you both xxxxxx 

and extra congrats to our very much loved tickleikkle on her 1st ever bonanza win wd xxxx

now in last place winning 2000 omps each are 

mum1984 and seasider55 .............wd to you both and i hope the omps are lucky for you both xxxxxx 

bonanza is such a fun game so why not come and join me cm-trixee mon to fri from 3pm till 5pm and bag yaself some bonanza points this week you never know you could be the lucky player winning the coin prizes or omps next week 

see ya all in ticketyboo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx