Bonanza With a Twist

Added 2012-04-25 11:24:54

hiya all, unfortunately we had no bonanza last week after me being taken into hozzi but im back and now the earths stopped spinning lol am raring to go 

well if we miss a bonanza its always double coins the following week well this week is no diff in that aspect but we are going to do a theme bonanza lol 

this weeks theme is animals and all questions asked will be animal related lol 

we will play this weeks bonanza in teams of 2 and yes you guessed correct i get to name ya teams lol [love naming ya teams]

bonanza will play from 3pm till 5 30pm wed to fri and the top 3 teams will win 

1st place ..........2 gold each 

2nd place............20 silver each

3rd place.............50 bronze each

and our lowest scoring team will win 2000 omps each 

now the twist the number that you bingo on will be reversed ie win on 81 and you will win 18 bonanza points win on 89 and you will win 98 bonanza points etc 

i thought having a theme would make things a bit more interesting and fun although i doubt we can ever top the fun we have on team bonanza weeks lol but we can certainly match the fun 

so come and join me cm-trixee in ticketyboo from 2 30 on wed for team sorting and lets get the animal bonanza battle on the go 

good luck to all teams xxxxxxxx