bonus codes for ritzy bingo and bingo mega

Added 2011-03-28 23:41:51

Today i received emails from both ritzy bingo and bingo mega giving me a code to redeem for £5 bonus money. So check out your email if you are a member of either or both sites.

I have been very lucky at both sites and had quite a lot of wins in the past. Especially at bingo mega last year when the site was very quiet most weeks i was able to withdraw about £100. But all good things must come to an end. The site is now much more busy and not as easy to get a win.

I have not played on either site much lately but still have a fair bit of money in both sites.

The cm's at both sites are some of the best i have come across very friendly and helpful.

Also the other player are great fun.

Ritzy Bingo have an 80 ball room in which you have to get either 4 corners or a line of 4 numbers within 10 calls if pot is not won then it carries on till the next game until the pot is won. Some times this pot can go pretty high i have won it quite a lot of times.