Bonus money to join bingo sites on Facebook

Added 2011-02-15 16:03:17

I have noticed now that quite a few sites are offering you free money when you join them on face book. I added one site (cant remember which one it might have been moon or one similar)  to face book but had to cancel it after a couple of weeks because they were constantly sending junk every day to my wall.

I would not have minded once or even twice a week but some times it was more than once a day.

Has any one else joined a bingo sites on face book and had the same problems?

Thank goodness that oh my bingo does not constantly send messages to your wall. When i added which ever site it was i thought it would be the same as here not them sending me messages to say come and play.

It is very tempting to add these sites as they are usually offering £5 bonus money and when you have no money in your account to play it is hard not to accept, but it is just not worth it to be bombarded by them advertising on your face book.

Lol and any way what must all of my non bingo friends on face book  think? They must think that is all i ever do play bingo and guess what they would be right.