Borns Christmas Mix Up Results

Added 2011-12-22 16:47:46

hi all its me again, hope u's r all having a great time in the run up to Christmas not long to go now :D

My christmas mix up was certainly a little mixed up lol, my first promo was guaranteed to have some mishaps and low and behold it did and gave you all a laugh. There was my dodgy countdown half way through where i suddenly skipped from 3 to 21 erm how did that happen, not to mention my batteries running out on my keyboard half way through (what are the chances eh lol)

So now to the important part the winners:

In 1st place with a whopping 21 points  ............ XxXlou09XxX wd on your goldie coin :D

In 2nd place with 11 points .......... Jaseyboy wd on 10 silver coins :D

In 3rd place with 6 points .......... Stealer wd on 20 bronze coins :D

I would like to thank you all for coming in and having some fun and laughter for my first promo, i hope to do many more in the future :D

Wishing you all a merry xmas and a happy new year :D

CM born

x x x