Borns Number Mayhem Results 17th May

Added 2013-05-20 11:07:06

hi all,


Its been another brilliant tourny this week, it was great to see some new faces playing as well :)

This week saw the return of our numbers king davep, however he wasnt getting things all his own way this week as he soon found out when sunny swept into the lead in the 1st few days.There was a fierce battle all the way til the end of the week with only a few points seperating the two players for the top spot :)

There was also a battle for the 3rd spot with tyty and cas fighting it out with only one point seperating them at the end.

So here are the results and who finally won the battles :)

in 3rd place on 16pts and earning themselves 500 omps was ....... cas wd hun :D

in 2nd place on 59pts and earning themselves 1000 omps was ..... sunny wd hun :D

and in 1st place on 61 pts and earning themselves 2000 omps was..... daveput123 wd hun :D


Well done to all winners and well done to davep on retaining his crown this week however i did overhear a roomie stating that they wanted to have the crown so beware you may be in for a challenge this week at OhMyBingo :)))


hope to see you all again for this weeks tourny,




Borns Number Mayhem. The CM will ask a question the answer will always be a number. The 1st 2 players to correctly guess the number after the countdown win 100 omps. Each correct answer will be worth 1 pt and at the end of the week the top three players with the most points will win: 1st 2000 omps, 2nd 1000 omps , 3rd 500 omps.