Borns number mayhem results 28th June

Added 2013-07-01 16:34:03

hi all,

Another fun week in the world of number mayhem , as usual things were very competetive between everyone and a laugh was had by all.

here are this weeks results :


in 1st place on 76 pts winning themselves 2000 omps is........... daveput123 wd hun :D

in 2nd place on 52 pts winning themselves 1000 omps is.........  jules221 wd hun :D

in 3rd place on 23 pts winning themselves 500 omps is......... tytyj wd hun :D


Now for my news on this weeks upcoming tourny , its gotten quite competetive between the boys and the girls this week and the roomies suggested a boys v girls week .

I talked very very nicely to chet and as its OhMyBingo Birthday week as a once off special she has allowed us 7,500 omps to be split between the winning team :D You must have scored at least 1pt during the tourny to be included on the team :)


so boys and girls let the battle commence im sure there will be lots of fun and laughter week :D


see you all in there