Borns Number Mayhem Results 31st May

Added 2013-06-03 13:49:24

hi all,

Well what a week in the number mayhem world, as usual roomies really got into the spirit of things and were extremly competative :) We even had roomies changing their shifts at work so they could make the whole tourny for the week and it paid off for them :)

so here is this weeks results:

in 3rd place with 29 pts earning themselves 500 omps was........ tytyj wd hun :D

in 2nd place with 56 pts earning themselves 1000 omps was....... daveput123 wd hun :D

and in 1st  place with 58 pts earning themselves 2000 omps was....... jules221 wd hun :D

So the crown has been taken by a new winner will there be revenge next week or will someone else come in to challenge the leaders we will just have to wait and see :)

Hope to see you all for some more bingo fun :)


Borns Number Mayhem. The CM will ask a question the answer will always be a number. The 1st 2 players to correctly guess the number after the countdown win 100 omps. Each correct answer will be worth 1 pt and at the end of the week the top three players with the most points will win: 1st 2000 omps, 2nd 1000 omps , 3rd 500 omps.