Borns number mayhem results 5th July

Added 2013-07-08 12:03:13

Hi all,

This week it was the Boys v Girls number mayhem special :D .  It brought out the competitive nature in all the roomies, there was laughter, there was banter and there was even pictures put up to try and rile the opposing team :D

It started off to be a girls in charge week, but that spurred the boys on who upped the ante midweek and took the lead and it looked like they had it in the bag. The girls came out and gave as good as they got friday trying to make a comeback against the boys lead and here are the results of what happened -


in 1st place on 134 pts was ...... the boys sharing 7500 OMPs between them :D

in 2nd place on 86 pts was ....... the girls unlucky girls :D


It seems that roomies want to keep playing as teams so i am working on some ideas on how to make fair teams and have even more fun each week on OhMyBingo, please post any suggestions for teams below my news :D


see you all in there,




Borns Number Mayhem. The CM will ask a question the answer will always be a number. The 1st 2 players to correctly guess the number after the countdown win 100 omps. Each correct answer will be worth 1 pt .