Borns Number Mayhem results from 6th May

Added 2013-05-13 16:33:30

Hi roomies,

Sorry about the delay on these results but i was away visiting my new nephew (who i might add is absolutely gorgeous :)

Now to the results of this weeks tourny :)

It was a hard fought week again this week by the roomies, unfortunately we only had our numbers king davep in for one day this week and although he played a storm on monday it wasnt quite enough to keep him in the top 3 overall :(

so in 3rd place this week scoring 16 pts and nabbing themselves 500 omps was........ choc - wd hun :D

in 2nd place this week scoring 26 pts and nabbing themselves 1000 omps was ......... cas - wd hun :D

and in 1st place witha whopping 30 pts and nabbing themselves 2000 omps was........ rosienanny - wd hun :D

well done to all who played this week it was a close run thing with only a few points deciding 3rd place i hope to see you all in again this week as battle commences again. So come join me at OhMyBingo :)




Borns Number Mayhem. The CM will ask a question the answer will always be a number. The 1st 2 players to correctly guess the number after the countdown win 100 omps. Each correct answer will be worth 1 pt and at the end of the week the top three players with the most points will win: 1st 2000 omps, 2nd 1000 omps , 3rd 500 omps.