Borns Number Mayhem Weekly Tournament

Added 2013-04-24 10:34:06

hi roomies :)

Starting this week i will be bringing you a new tournament which will run every day from 6-7pm and there will be weekly prizes for the overall top three :)

Borns Number Mayhem. The CM will ask a question the answer will always be a number. The 1st 2 players to correctly guess the number after the countdown win 100 omps. Each correct answer will be worth 1 pt and at the end of the week the top three players overall with the most points will win:

1st 2000 omps

2nd 1000 omps 

3rd 500 omps.

This is a great game and everyone has a chance to win loads of OMPs not to mention getting educated and having loads of fun on the way :)

I hope to see you all in the bingo toom for fun and laughter from today onwards.

see you all in there :)