Borns OMB Lappy Mayhem

Added 2013-06-07 16:45:16

As most regulars will know CM BORN is stepping down as CM.Borns laptop decided to die on Born yesterday as Cagsy said [R.I.P. lappy] lol. Born tried to do seven hours of cming on her iPad yesterday but had a bad arm and had trouble seeing the screen.As most peeps will know it is hard enough playing bingo on one let alone cming. Born could not do her numbers mayhem game yesterday and regulars were coming on who really enjoy the game and Born had to explain why it could not be played.

Regulars were disappointed but also understanding.The way the cms do their job is absolutely brill,as at the moment there is no long gap without a chat game or cm on.If  Born has to step down there will be hours without a cm and the regulars really enjoy cgs,as do I.

The regular players were chatting in the room and we really feel that Ben should buy Born a lapto [even a second hand one].You never know Ben they might be cheaper in Ireland LOL. If Ben really cannot afford to get Born one then maybe we can do something for Born.

We have a charity donation going at the moment where we can give our golds to a very good cause,so couldnt we do something like this for Born. Maybe we could donate our gold to Born and Ben turns it into pounds to get the laptop [sometimes charity begins on OMB] lol.

Maybe some of you roomies will have a better idea of how we can get Born a laptop,or even Ben will have an idea. We really do not want to lose any of our cms as the regulars and cms keep the site going. Im going now as im probably boring u all good luck on bingo and tc xxxxx