Boyles Sports Would Suit the Betting Tab

Added 2011-03-23 18:04:56

I have done a news article on a betting tab and thought that I would do a quick post on Boyles sport/ bingo to try and prove my point on a betting tab xx

I'm sure that there has to be some peeps that never knew that boyles sports have a bingo site,It's V/F and as I have said before you get your winnings real quick.

At the moment if you open up a new account whatever amount (cash) staked on online bingo games within 48 hours you will get twice the amount in your bingo bonus account.,up to a maximum of £100.00.                                                                                          So if you staked £1.50 you then get credited with £3.00 in your bonus balance.

When I deposited here I was lucky and had a few wins so was able to run through and use the max amount.I also popped the odd bits of cash in the betting account so that I could use the bonus money and be able to withdraw.

I cant remember so its best to check but i think you also get a £10.00 bonus after you spend £5.00.

As always read those T&C and be sure to check out the sports betting offers.

Hope some of you take a little peek about gl xx