Bradford Meet Update

Added 2015-05-05 10:33:22

hiya peeps just an update on the meet...for those who are not aware we are all meeting up in bradford on the 25th july for

a day of fun filled far i have the following people attending...kelly and james...billy and rob...charlie and john...

cags and berty...swifty and jay...heidi and shin...shel and still a few who have yet to confirm...

i am going up on the thursday 23rd and having dinner at charlies (tyvm for that hun) and then friday morning its an early start

as charlie and me are off to the airport to pick up born.  friday evening a few of us are meeting up for a practice run for the saturday

although it wont be a mad practice as saturday is going to be a long day....rosie and me will see the hotel staff lunchtime on the

saturday to set up an area for the bingo/raffle (i have already been in contact with the hotel to arrange this)...then the fun begins..

if everyone can meet in the bar of the holiday inn express at 2pm then we can quickly get going...we need to run to a pretty tight

schedule to fit everything in so heres a rough account of what is planned...any comments are welcome

2.30  its rosies bingo time...with some fun prizes for the winners

this will be followed by rosies raffle where we already have some amazing prizes up for grabs and anyone else who

would like to donate is more than welcome..i know some peeps will be bringing prizes on the day so thankyou in advance for that.


4.30 its off next door to the bowling alley for a game or two of ten pin bowling where we can get a drink or two...


we are planning to leave the bowling at 6.45 to make the short journey to napoleons casino where we are hoping to book

our meal for around 7.15 (we need to confirm with the casino how many and what meal about a month in advance).

i will let people know when the casino has published the july menu on their website because we need to decide what

we are going to eat and phone it through to the casino before we go so that they can accommodate us all without delay

on the night..

after this its down to the goose in bradford with our collecting buckets and to have a few drinks before going on to other locations and doing the same....its going to be a long day but with plenty of fun n games and we hope to raise lots of money for

the freddiesmiles charity which im sure we will...

can you all confirm in comments plse who is going to participate in the bowling includint partners and who is going for

the meal at the casino.....also if anybody who is unable to attend the meet but would like to buy raffle tickets then

plse dont hesitate to contact rose in chat..she will be more than welcome to take your orders....


anybody else who would like to come along, whether its for the weekend or just for the day, then you are more than

welcome..the more the merrier....only 82 days to go woop


thanks all and look forward to meeting you all again and also to those ive yet to meet xxx