Bradford Mini Meet

Added 2014-08-28 12:50:24

Hi guys just a quick note to say I'm afraid i will have to cancel my visit to bradford next weekend... i saw my consultant this morning and i am starting my treatment tomorrow (friday 29th aug).  I am going to have a chemotherapy treatment called mitomycin which I have had before and had some allergic reaction too. my consultant said that they are going to adminster smaller doses this time and instead of going in once a week for 6 weeks for the treatment they are going to give me 2 smaller doses a week for the 6 week course. was really looking forward to meeting everyone again charlie, swifty, heidi, shel, cags etc as we always have a great weekend full of laughs but unfortunately i need to get this treatment done first.... as soon as the treatment is over and done with i will come up and see you guys.. also a sorry to lisa as it also means i wont be able to come to hove and visit you hun...will arrange another date for that visit too. will keep you all informed how the treatment is going..luvs u all on OhMyBingo xxx