Brand New and Controversial - Dual Slots

Added 2019-07-19 08:37:00

Same popular slots, double the fun – this is the theory behind dual slots, the latest concept to shake up the UK gambling market. With dual slots, you can play two slot games at the same time; yes, even on mobile.

‘Dual slots’ means that instead of opening a window and playing a single slot game, players will be able to have two slots visible at once and play them simultaneously. This might be nothing new for desktop users, who can often just open two windows, but for mobile players, dual slots is a gamechanger.

LeoVegas and Videoslots have both launched dual slot games this week, and it seems likely that more brands will hop on the bandwagon and start releasing dual slot games of their own. For now though, these two brands seem to be leading the charge.

While LeoVegas’ dual slot play is available on selected games only, Videoslots have made just about all of their games compatible. Videoslots have also confirmed that desktop users can play a whopping 4 slots at once using this new feature.

Despite a great deal of excitement about this new dual slots feature, there have been concerns that it will not go down well with the authorities, or with gambling addiction charities. Playing multiple slot games at once encourages and allows faster spending than ever, and could appeal more strongly to those playing to seek financial benefit, rather than those simply seeking fun.

To combat dangerous gambling habits, many sites offer tools such as reality check and spending limits, in the hopes that players will take advantage of, and benefit from, these safety features.

In a time of such intense regulation and scrutiny, will this new feature last, or will it be quickly outlawed by the authorities? And as a side note, if you know anyone capable of keeping up with four slot games at once, give us a call; we’ve got loads of jobs we’d love them to multitask for us.