Brand new bingo site Bingo Cams

Added 2011-02-18 14:09:26

Hi all,thought would tell you about my experience playing Bingocams last night. I received an email Tuesday asking if i would like to take part in a Beta Test on Thursday night before the site goes live. Of course i snatched thier hands off!! The test ran last night between 6 - 9 pm. They also gave us all £250.00 pounds to play with ( this was purely for the test, not of course to withdraw ! ) If we completed for the whole three hours they also would pay,which is fantastic i thought. I did play they have 5p rooms,10p,25p,50p and £1.00 rooms,full house jp in 40 balls or less,also pjp was £10,000 in 32 balls or less. They also have a bouncing ball bonus where when you win on any line this bonus randomly comes into play,you have to have your webcam on to playthis though,you try to catch the ball with your mouse to win extra cash. You buy 4 cards and 5th always free in every room.

The chat hosts you see on their webcams and they speak to you via this. I f 80% of players have webcams on you can private chat,did this this was all working fine. They had a few teething problems as you would expect,yet on the whole it was good. Although personally not sure about the webcam,you dont have to have this switched on,so for me the Celebrity room was the best,25 p tickets only about 7 of us in,no webcams this room flowed the best and i liked palying the best. Anyway had email today they launch Tuesday 22ND Feb, Must say what a great idea to allow real bingo players to test and give feed back before it starts,offer you free money to test and also pay you for taking part, That in my opinion counts for something,so hopefully this should make a refreshing change and i hope if you do play you're lucky.