Brand new Foxy Bingo promotion

Added 2010-07-22 12:48:11

foxy are at it again they are back with a great new promo it is a totally free game in which players on the site can win a caravan . omg this is definately worth a play. think of all them trips you could take in your brand new caravan all thanks to a foxy free bingo  game . to make it even better this is a brill site with most of it players being realy polte and welcoming. the only thing missing is free games it should run a few more and not just the early mourning games on a wed and friday. pop along and you will find the free game in the game tab area of the site .

i am hoping someone on Foxy Bingo wins it as it would be so sweet and not just another name in a crowd . very best of luck you guys who go along and get your free tickets i will be watching for a oh my bingo players name and hopefully it will be one of us :).keep your eyes peeled as foxy bingo are always running promos like this one and hey if it is a free game then it is worth a play