Brand new Quiz Show Bingo ticks right boxes

Added 2011-07-19 09:20:28

Bored of the same old bingo? Then you need to discover the wonders of Quiz Show Bingo. This fabulous new site combines our favourite online bingo action with the delight of multiple-choice quizzes.

Fancy playing? Make a deposit Quiz Show Bingo today, and you get five free quiz games just for registering. In the Live Room, you will find one of the fabulous Live Quiz masters, who will keep the laughs and questions flowing thick and fast. And, the best thing about Quiz Show Bingo is that you can win Real Cash playing multiple choice quizzes.

The quizzes at Quiz Show Bingo are in the ‘pub machine’ format. You know the ones? You get 10  multiple-choice questions per game, and a few seconds to answer the question from four different answers. At the end of the game, if you come first, second, or third, you win. We love this site because it doubles up our gaming pleasure and chances to win.

So, register at Quiz Show Bingo today for your free bingo cash, to start meeting new friends and to start winning the cash by answering the questions. We can't get enough of it here in the office, and we know you're going to LOVE it.