Brand new Review Responder for OMB

Added 2010-03-16 16:39:22

OhMyBingo is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information about sites and our newest development will help bring your favourite bingo sites closer to you. Our brand new Review Responder means that bingo sites will now have the opportunity respond to your reviews and answer your questions. This is unique to OhMyBingo and you won't find this feature anywhere else!

The Review Responder works when you write a player review. The bingo site will then have the opportunity to respond to your review with their own comments and hopefully they can use your views to help improve their site.

So basically it's a win, win situation - you'll get OhMyPoints for leaving your review here and the actual bingo site will be able to answer your questions and take heed of your comments so in the long-run the players will have the power over what they would like a bingo site to be like.

Obviously, if you want your review responded to you'll have to be specific with any problems you have but also remember that it's useful to tell the site if you're happy and if they're doing things the right way. In this way they can carry on doing what they're doing and you can help make your favourite online bingo sites even better in the future.

Although the Review Responder has only just been released we've already had quite a few sites participating including Lots of Bingo, Ready Set Bingo, Biggest Bingo and Gone Bingo. Check out our Lots of Bingo review if you want to see a great example of how it works - just scroll to the bottom to see the Player Reviews.