Brand New Site Launched Bingo Cams

Added 2011-02-23 13:28:16

Well i logged in last night on the launch day and had a few wins,i added my bonus code for £100 which went on as bonus money.I also was been credited with £50 for the beta test and £25 for doing  at est deposit/withdraw. Both of these show up as real money.

By the end of the evening i was just over £100 real money at Bingo Cams and still not touched any bonus. So i thought what the hell would for a laugh try and withdraw,was expecting to be told could not withdraw as was free money but was gob smacked when was allowed to withdraw £100 cash. I expected to see my bonus money re set to zero but was even more amazed when this was still showing £100.

So will await and see if i do actually get the £100 into my account ,if i do then this seems to be a great site that Carry's out its promise and even better does have have unreal wager requirements. Or is it just a 1st day offer to hook us all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have  a feelings that its not and that this site does have the making of a great new and exciting bingo experience only time will tell.If you did not re register for the free bonus code you can still join and get a free £5 no deposit bonus to play with