Brand New Wonder Bingo Online

Added 2011-03-12 10:50:53

I signed up to wonder bingo last night and received £5 free bonus money to play.

Again as it is my normal had a quick search for the terms and conditions, could not find then so when i have more time i will have to take a closer look.

When you deposit you will get a 200% deposit bonus. Wonder bingo looks different from other bingo sites will have to have more of a look about to under stand all that is going on.

You are able to add a photo on your profile. Which i think is great because if like me you use a few different user names at least if you see a photo that you recognise you are able to chat to friends that you have met on other sites.

They have a free bingo game but i really dont understand what is going on because it said pot was £1 but when someone won it said that they had won £0.00.

Though i really liked the look of this site and last night the chat was very friendly i think i will wait to see what others have to say before parting with any money.