Bright Bingo Deposit Dash 2

Added 2015-09-08 11:52:44

The secret’s out! Bright Bingo has a very special code for you to find and there’s extra cash prizes for those who take up the challenge.

The Deposit Dash game

At 8am on the 1st of September, we’ll be letting you in on our secret code! A special announcement will be made in our exclusive newsletter and social media accounts to let everyone know what the code is.

The first 175 players to use the code from 9am will gain entry to our incredible Deposit Dash game where you could win a fantastic £500 cash prize.

On September 2nd, the lucky players will be able to take part in our 6.30pm game with a jackpot of £500 up for grabs as well as £2.50 for one line, £5 for two lines and £10 for a full house. The one time only game is only for the first 175 who use the code.

You can also prebuy your tickets if you can’t attend the free game so no lucky players miss out!

Sign up now for a free Bright Bingo account and you’ll get an instant £2 completely free of charge.