Bright Bingo Penny Heaven

Added 2016-03-31 10:22:00

Bingo can often induce a heavenly feeling in players, and when that bingo is played at Bright Bingo, that feeling is amplified higher than the sense of wonder of finding a penny on the floor.

Now that penny can be put to good use, because in our 11am daily Penny Heaven room, players can enjoy minimum line prizes and a way to put their odds and ends to work.

Penny Heaven

Playing every morning in April, Penny Heaven gives players the chance to be in for a penny and in for a pound, because with our minimum line prizes of £1, £1.50 and £2 to be won, their pennies will certainly have the chance to become something special.

Players depositing at least £10 in the previous 30 days will be able to enjoy a 50 card maximum, an entire hour of wholesome bingo goodness, and the marvellous feeling of purchasing tickets that cost just a tiny 1p.

Package this feeling, players. That’s Heaven right there.

Remember, new signups get £2 bingo bonus to try Bright Bingo with no strings attached!