Bright Bingo this December

Added 2015-12-08 14:47:00

Winter is on its way and Bright Bingo is keeping an eye out for Mr Frosty. Luckily for all players, discovering Mr Frosty will guarantee lots of extra cash this Christmas.

From the 1st to 14th of December, the bouncing bonus is getting cold thanks to Mr Frosty and that means lots of fabulous prizes for several winners!

Mr Frosty

To play The Bouncing Bonus game, a lottery ticket is given for each ticket purchased. Those with a winning ticket will be chosen to play the Bouncing Bonus game with a chance to win extra free bonus money.

The Bouncing Bonus bounces all over the screen. Be fast enough to catch it, hit the ball and the lucky player will win the bonus advertised on it. The game is available when the BB is active in the bingo lobby.

Win or lose, every entry is added to the overall Find Frosty competition.

The prizes

Ten players will gain amazing prizes! First prize is £50 cash, second prize is £30 cash and third prize is £20. Fourth to tenth place receive free spins on the Bridesmaids game, which could result in some amazing rewards.