Brilliant jackpot from the lovely people at Mecca Bingo

Added 2010-06-14 15:15:07

I've just been having a snoop around on the Mecca Bingo website as I joined up recently and have noticed that their Clover Rollover jackpot is now at a staggering £2.3 million, just think of things that you could do with that sort of money...

Mecca Bingo have added an extra £10,000 to this to share between all the people who stake £1 on this slot the day that the jackpot is won. So even if aren't lucky enough to win the jackpot (though it would be nice, wouldn't it?), looks like you could win a share of £10,000 ... how brilliant would that be??

This is why I love this site, they're always offering cool jackpots, and the sign up bonus is good too, they give you a 100% deposit bonus from £5 up to £50, and on top of that, there is £5 free to spend on their Britain's Got Talent bingo game which is available for funded and non funded players, so if you do what I did and just deposit £5, you get £10 free money from the site, which helped me to a £60 win, I have to say too it's definitely the luckiest site I've been on so far lol.