bring on the first of the month again i was rich

Added 2011-04-02 10:13:20

hi i was loving the bingo yesterday i got up at 8:00 am so i could have a brew before the early bird hour, like ive done since i found the site.

i signed in as normal then i seen my points i had 17,500 oh my bingo points i was so excited i felt like a giddy 5 year old who'd found a fiver on the road lol i felt like i was well rich lol.  i started to play online bingo thinking i'll just play till the end of early bird hour and then get on and do my shopping and then come back and play some more amazing bingo with my mate pete lol (im only sayin that so if he reads this he might let me win more lol )but did that happen? no! i dont think so i got so ingrossed again that i didnt get any of my shopping done or anything i just sat at my lappy and played till my hearts content.

luckily i ran out of points just before my local shop shut so i still got me tea lol i cant wait now till next month cause i think i will make sure ive got the whole day free and im hoping i will be royalty by then so i get even more points and be even more rich it will probably still only last me the day and end up a poorper for the rest of the month but i dont care