Britains got Talent Bingo at Mecca Bingo

Added 2010-05-17 15:43:27

ok so i had a look mainly becoause i like the show its awsome and well the bingo is to lol even better that it ha the theme toune to it the ticket prices vary which is good so they not all like 20p a ticket also i liked the ones where when you bought so many tickets after the game you had the scratchcard and can win anything up to a tenner not bad at all.

 i thought what was even better at Mecca Bingo was the little lucky number thingy where you picked ya number and if either the line two line or full house was called on any of your lucky number you won either 1 pound if one got called on 15 pound for 2 and a whopping 250 pound for 3 amazing really they offer such great extras on the game the moneys great to not bad quite busy game though which is expected with it a new game and especially it been britans got talent i thinks it good they offer the free fiver to as even depositing players get it even though you have to spend a fiver first to get it its still not a bad deal though coz some bingo sites dont offer exsiting players much gl all