broadway bingo used to be my favourite site

Added 2011-02-26 11:49:53

Going back a good few months if not may be even a year, my favourite site was bingo broadway. I used to love logging in at lunch time as they played  a great chat game call love is all around, where the player above bellow and also if you won the full house you got 1000 which is worth £1 bonus money. The online bingo site was not that busy and some times with only about 14 - 18 people playing even if you did not get a bingo win you had won lots of bonus points. This was the high light of my day and really hated if i was working and had to miss out on all the fun. Then all of a sudden they changed the times of the chat games and the room got must busier, so i stopped going at this time.

When i first joined bingo broadway i was very lucky and had quite a few wins, then it went to hardly ever getting a win.

I still play there some times but the minimum withdrawal is £30 which these days i find just impossible to reach, just when you get high up in the 20's and think you are nearly there lol i loose it all again.