Bronze and Silver OhMyBingo Showers

Added 2011-07-15 16:32:41

Hi all im just writing to put a few ideas your way as things have changed over the past few days. One line points....... Don't get me wrong i think this is a good change on OhMyBingo and the pot does get quite big with a full room and for newbies its also a good move.......I would like to just point out that since this move there are only 2 lines of coins to be won now which now means it is going to take much longer for anyone to get to there big prizes. The only time they are really good coins is in the golden hours........ I wonder would you consider something like on the hour a BRONZE RUSH or a SILVER SHOWER either together or alternate on the hour, where you increase the pot somewhat reguardless of how many peeps in the room?

To 1. give us more chance on building our coins and 2. im sure it will increase the peeps in the day.If not throughout the day maybe you would consider a bigger coin pot at certain times of the day for example 7am  11am  1pm 3pm 5pm 10pm All this is just ideas to keep us all motivated and in the running.