Bumper Promotions from Butlers Bingo

Added 2018-10-12 09:41:00

We love getting more bang for our buck and Butlers Bingo are ready to make that a reality this month. With their latest promotions, you’ll be getting more value for money and chances to win in no time. Check out this news piece to learn more about what their promotions could be bringing you…

Sliding Jackpots Every Day! If you like the chance to win big, then you can take part in a daily jackpot game with Butlers Bingo. This will give you the chance to win up to £12.5K every day. As it’s a sliding jackpot game, the quicker you’re able to get your hands on that jackpot, the more you will win. This will give you the chance to play some lightning fast bingo, which will be sure to spice things up.

Get a Weekend Away. We could all use a cheeky weekend away now and again, Butlers Bingo are also giving you the chance to win one of these. Play in their prize game each Saturday and you have the chance to win a weekend away. This is a guaranteed prize, so someone has to take it away every weekend, it might just be you if you join in!

The prize for this is a £250 voucher to a hotel chain, so you could really find yourself going almost anywhere! We like that this prize has the flexibility to allow you to decide where you want to go and how long you want to go for too.

Weekly Leaderboards. There are also weekly leaderboards for you to look forward to on this site, each with their own prizes on offer. This will help to give you a lot of variety when you play, so you’ll never miss out on the different games. There are big cash prizes each week for you to enjoy, which certainly makes things a bit more exciting.

The first one that you’ll want to be taking part in this week is the Cash of Kingdoms £10k leaderboard. This is to launch this brand new game on the site, with some enhanced prizes to get you ready to play. Every £10 wager that you make on the game will give you a point on the leaderboard, from there you want to climb the ranks to get to the top.

There’s also the Slice of Summer leaderboard to take part in the next week. This will give you the chance to win a trip to Tenerife for you and a friend! This is a great prize and we can already see ourselves catching some rays with this one. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, you could win enough cash to have a great couple of treats for yourself, with £3500 in cash prizes to get your hands on.There’s a lot of fun to be had on Butlers Bingo this month, so don’t hesitate to kick things off over there. You can kick off the fun right now with those leaderboard promotions.