Burning the midnight candle at Ladbrokes Bingo

Added 2011-06-21 13:02:31

Hi everyone as you know i did mention about the free promotion that Ladbrokes Bingo was doing where they was doing a 24hr free online bingo well i have started to play it tonight and it is great lol i have waited a few times but i think this is the time to play it as it will be 2 busy during the day and it is rare Ladbrokes Bingo does this kind of promotion in fact i think it might be the first time ever Ladbrokes has done a 24hr none stop free bingo.

At the moment there is 226 players and ir much easier to win and every game 1 line is £2 and then 2 lines is £3 and then the house is £5 this is great for nothing... but as i said the onlt real good chance you have is during the night as it reaches about 900 players during the day and it is impossible to win the line goes on about 7 numbers lol.

But of course ladbrokes give you the chance to upgrde your tickets for bigger prize money for a penny a ticket.. but i don't bother as free bingo is free bingo lol why bother?

Good Luck all on games and i hope you win x