Butlers Bingo 10 Pound Welcome Present

Added 2011-08-09 13:11:10

If you like your bingo served to you ‘on a silver platter’, then get to Butlers Bingo. Our favourite bingo gentleman offers you an incredible £10 welcome bonus for you to try his bingo delights. And, once you deposit, the Butler hands you 200% absolutely FREE.

So, once you are registered at Butlers Bingo what else can you enjoy? Well, this week is the Butler’s Robin Hood giveaway. He’s dressing up in green tights and dishing out loads of extra online bingo bonus points willy-nilly to his loyal players. Get a full house here to win 3BBs, get two lines to win a 2BBs prize, and cover one line for 1BB.

The week after, the Butler is going banana split crazy. Between August 15 and August 21, if you get a full house, the Butler will give you an extra 4BBs prize. Creamy Dreamy!

And then shake your tailfeathers the week after for the Butlers Carnival Week give away. Look out for 3BBs when you get a full house, two BBs when you cover two lines, and one BB when you cover one line.

It's fun, it's fabulous, it's flippin’ marvellous, it’s Butlers Bingo, and we are all invited.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.