Butlers Bingo goes Wagering Free

Added 2018-03-16 10:01:00

During the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of work by the regulatory bodies of the UK to make things fairer for players enjoying online bingo. Broadway Gaming, the people behind Butlers Bingo, have decided to remove the wagering requirements on their sites to comply with the new rulings.

The seed for this idea may have come much earlier this year, as Broadway Gaming were fined for a lack of clarity in their promotional terms. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) decided to fine them as they felt like players weren’t getting the full story when taking part in their promotions.

The welcome offer has changed as a result, as they’re not offering such a large percentage bonus. When you stack this up against the fact it’s now wagering free, that’s actually not a bad thing. Considering the old offer came with a 40x wagering requirement, it’s a lot more likely that you’ll be able to win money back from this.

This is a definite improvement on the site, as it means that players know a bit more about what to expect. Although the maximum amount and the percentage is lower, it’s easier for you to withdraw when you’re ready to. You can check out the full terms and conditions of any offers over on their site to find out more about what exactly you’re getting.

This change has been made across all Broadway Gaming sites, which includes the newly rebranded Rosy Bingo. Rehab Bingo was seen as an insensitive and non-compliant name by the ASA, which has led to the site now being known as Rosy Bingo. Other than the name, not much at all has changed about this site, as it’s only really the branding that had to go.

While you may think that Rehab Bingo is a bit of a strange name anyway, it harks back to the roots of the site. This was a supporting site for an Irish charity, so they had a name that lined up with that. The ASA ruled that this made the gambling on the site seem like an escape or something that could be used to mitigate another addiction.

Many bingo pundits feel like this is a bit harsh, as the name obviously originates with the Rehab charity that they worked with. However, with the ASA clamping down on all sorts of different things these days, we’re not all that surprised. With so many changes happening so quickly, it’s important for these brands to keep up. This is why we’ve been seeing fewer mascots and cartoons on bingo sites too, as it’s all change for the guidelines.

These rulings might seem harsh, but the idea is to reduce the stigma and harm that gambling can potentially do. The ASA are trying to put the consumers in charge, which will no doubt benefit the industry as a whole. This removal of wagering requirements at Broadway Gaming sites is a good starting point, so we hope to see more improvements as time goes on.