Buy A Gold Online Bingo Coin or Win One

Added 2011-03-21 09:01:44

I have only been on homybingo since the 15th and its been really good at the beginning of the week i was winning quite a lot so when i got enough silvers i bought my very first gold.  now i'm on my way to getting more and more at the moment i have 24 bronze 6 silver and 1 gold, my winnings are slowing down now but only to be expected as you can't win them all.  

I have not won any for a couple of day's now i'm wondering if i should refresh my online bingo cards and see if that might help.  I've all so seen new people coming in the site and everyone has been helping them just like they helped me, there was someone from denmark on today asking about stuff I did'nt know that it went outside of the country well you learn something new every day and that just it I'm learning to talk to people over the internet something i have never done before now not even on facebook ,everyone here is so friendly they are say hi when you come in the room and there are a couple of people I have a conversation with its going rely good thanks to all roomies xxx