Buy Five Get Two Free at Bingo Anywhere

Added 2013-03-04 08:16:17

I am always on the sniff for excellent-value UK bingo sites, and Bingo Anywhere is one of the best. Play in the Victoria 90 room, and it's always cheap – it's buy five, get two tickets free, and tickets start at 5p. And best of all, this room is open around the clock – 24 hours of bargain pleasure. Read more.

If you fancy speeding things up a little bit, then check out the Oxford 80 ball room. Tickets here  are 10p, and once again, it's buy five get two free. And don't forget to take a stroll down Bond Street – the 75 ball room, because tickets cost 5p, and yes, you guessed it, it's buy five get two free. I think you will agree, that this is one of the finest set of ticket prices you will ever see.

And not only are the tickets cheap as chips, the chat action is hilarious as well. In the Break Time Quiz, answer 12 questions in 12 minutes and win £1 per answer. The quiz master fires questions as quickly as you can answer them – if you've got the fastest finger first, loads of free bonuses could be yours.

For something a little bit different, try Bingo Anywhere – sign now for a £15 deposit bonus.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.