Buzz Bingo Brightens Thomas Cook Staff’s Day

Added 2019-10-19 13:55:00

It has been a week of troubles for many, with Thomas Cook declaring bankruptcy. Holidaymakers have been left stranded across the globe, disappointed families were left with cancelled holidays, and 9,000 staff have found themselves without both a job and September’s wages.

However, Buzz Bingo in Dalton decided to step up and see what they could do about the gloom.

The Buzz Bingo branch posed a message online saying that Thomas Cook staff could come to their Dalton bingo hall for a free game of bingo, to the pleasant surprise of many. Several ex-staff members gratefully accepted the generous offer and were treated to a fun evening to get away from it all.

From strangers paying to get stranded passengers home, to free taxi trips, beauty treatments, and recruitment fairs for suddenly-redundant staff, it seems that Buzz Bingo Dalton have joined the ranks of many kind companies and individuals who have really pulled together to support the thousands of cabin crew, admin workers, and other staff left without pay by the company’s collapse.